torstai 26. helmikuuta 2015


Today was amazing postcard day! First of all my first card ever sent to Azerbaijan was received. And when my mail came I got two amazing postcards, both from my wishlist. They both came from the USA.

- MortuusAmor

keskiviikko 25. helmikuuta 2015

tiistai 24. helmikuuta 2015


Today the mailman (actually mailwoman) brought two carousel themed postcards and they were both from Finland. I quite rarely receive postcards from my own country so this was a nice surprise.

- MortuusAmor


Yesterday I received one postcard from USA and one from Russia.

I also sent five postcards. They are going to Belarus, India, Germany, France and Czech Republic.

- MortuusAmor

sunnuntai 22. helmikuuta 2015


On Friday I received two postcards, one from Czech Republic and the other one from Germany.

And these are the cards I sent. They will be traveling to Germany, Uzbekistan, Russia and Malaysia.

- MortuusAmor

lauantai 21. helmikuuta 2015

keskiviikko 18. helmikuuta 2015


It's my birthday! And I got four lovely postcards this morning. The cards came from UK, Germany x2 and Belgium.

I also got two new addresses and the cards will go to Indonesia and Latvia.

- MortuusAmor

tiistai 17. helmikuuta 2015


Today I received one wedding postcard from Heidy in Switzerland.

I also sent bunch of postcards to Netherlands, Japan, Belarus, Germany x2, Canada, Russia, Taiwan and China.

- MortuusAmor

maanantai 16. helmikuuta 2015


Today I received one postcard from Australia with aboriginal art on it.

- MortuusAmor


On Friday I had received five postcards but because I was visiting my parents on that weekend I didn't have time to register the cards before Sunday evening. The card came from USA x2, Canada, China and Spain.

I also sent six postcards. They will be going to USA, Ukraine, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia and Latvia.

- MortuusAmor


On Thursday I received one postcard from Finland.

- MortuusAmor

keskiviikko 11. helmikuuta 2015


Today I received two Postcrossing postcards, one from Sweden (it was my first one received from there!) and Netherlands. I also got one unofficial postcard for my wedding card collection from Heidy in Switzerland.

- MortuusAmor


Yesterday I received five postcards. They came from Germany x3, Canada and United Kingdom.

- MortuusAmor

maanantai 9. helmikuuta 2015


Today I received one lovely postcard from Finland. It came in an envelope and on the back side of the card there were lots of stickers and hearts.

I also sent a bunch of postcards over today. Had been writing them over the weekend. These will be going to France, Canada, Germany and USA.

These are traveling to Netherlands, Japan, France and Belarus.

And these two are going to Czech Republic and Azerbaijan. This is my first card traveling to Azerbaijan, so I really hope it reaches it's destination!

- MortuusAmor

torstai 5. helmikuuta 2015


Today I received only one postcard but it made me really happy. It came from France and was signed by over 10 people. It had been written in Postcrossing meeting in Lille 31 of January 2015. This was my first received meeting card!

- MortuusAmor


On Tuesday I received one postcard in an envelope. It came from Spain with lovely Dali postcard and coins.

- MortuusAmor


On Monday I received three postcards. They came from Russia, Belarus and Croatia. This was my first card from Croatia.

I also sent six postcard that will be going to Germany x2, Russia, USA, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

- MortuusAmor