tiistai 30. joulukuuta 2014


Today I received seven postcards. They came from China, Netherlands, Germany x2, Russia x2 and Lithuania.

- MortuusAmor

maanantai 29. joulukuuta 2014


So many days without mail... Must be the only bad thing about Holidays. Anyway I got three nice postcards today. Barbapapa card came from Germany, weird chicken card (I love it!) from Russia and the third one from Poland.

I also sent three postcards today. They will be going to Germany, Russia and Taiwan.

- MortuusAmor

maanantai 22. joulukuuta 2014


Today I left to spent Holidays with my family to the other side of Finland so I don't know if there was any postcards on my mailbox today, but I did send six new postcards. These are my last ones before Christmas and these went to Netherlands, Russia, Germany, China, USA and Austria (card I sent to Netherlands is missing from the picture).

Update 29.12.2014:
Here's the card I received on Tuesday. It came from Australia.

- MortuusAmor


Today I received one postcard. It came from the USA.

I sent four postcards today. They will be going to Denmark, Netherlands, Indonesia and Bolivia. I haven't sent any postcards to Bolivia before so this is my first one there!

- MortuusAmor


On Friday I received two postcards. They both came from Russia, but I was able to register only one of them. Other card did not have any ID on it and when I filled the ID search application on Postcrossing site it came back with message saying there isnät enough information though I had the whole address of the sender. It might also be some thank you card, but I don't remember anyone asking me for my address to send a thank you -card.

- MortuusAmor

sunnuntai 21. joulukuuta 2014

Collection: Salvador Dali cards

This second collection post is all about great Spanish artist Salvador Dali cards. I love his work and have even visited Dali museum in Figueres, Spain in 2010.

From Germany.

From Russia.
From Russia.
This one is from France.
I have got two of these, one from Germany and other one from Czech Republic.
From South Korea.
From Germany.
From The Netherlands.
From Belarus.
From The Netherlands and one from Spain.
I have gotten two of these, both from Germany but from different postcrossers.
From The Netherlands.
I have received two of these, one from The Netherlands and one from Finland.
From Germany
From Poland.

- MortuusAmor

torstai 18. joulukuuta 2014


Today I received only one postcard, but it was better that expected. This card came from United Arab Emirates and was my first card from there! Now I have received official Postcrossing cards from 47 different countries.

I also sent two postcards today. They will be going to Ukraine and Germany.

- MortuusAmor

tiistai 16. joulukuuta 2014


Today I got two really nice postcards. The condor card came from USA with lots of amazing stamps and 'Spider in the Mist' card came from Russia.

I also wrote and mailed three postcards today. They went to Finland, Canada and Taiwan.

- MortuusAmor

maanantai 15. joulukuuta 2014


Today I received two postcards. Really cool steampunk card (which was also on my favourites list) from Lithuania and 'Peace & love' card from Germany.

Today I also finally had time to write new postcards to be mailed tomorrow. These went to Spain, Malaysia, Germany, Ukraine and Netherlands.

- MortuusAmor


On Friday I received one postcard from Spain and it came with lovely colourful stickers and in an envelope. The thing that made me axrta happy about this card was that the sender of this card had glued small pictures on the card of things she likes such as pink colour, Japan, kangaroos, whiskey and stamps.

- MortuusAmor


Today I received two postcards, they had both been traveling 12 days. Krtek card came from Czech Republic and other one from Russia. The Krtek card was from my favourites list so I am really happy to receive it!

- MortuusAmor


On Wednesday there was only one postcard in my mailbox. It was from Germany. The picture on the card is 'Surrealist Poster' 1934 by Salvador Dali.

- MortuusAmor

torstai 11. joulukuuta 2014


Three postcards arrived on Tuesday. The mummy card came from Japan, green one from Singapore and the sky card from Hong Kong.

I also sent eight postcards on Tuesday. These went to Russia x2, Japan x2, Germany, Switzerland, USA and Netherlands

- MortuusAmor

maanantai 8. joulukuuta 2014


Today I received as many as seven postcards at once. These came from Netherlands, South Korea and Germany x4.

This one came also from Germany. It had really lovely envelope and even more beautiful and colourful card inside.

- MortuusAmor


On Friday I received only one postcard and it came from Russia.

- MortuusAmor

torstai 4. joulukuuta 2014


20 days till X-mas! I have always loved this time of the year because of presents, eating delicious food waaay too much and spending time with family. Today postman brought me one postcard from Lithuania and it was an interesting (ans creepy) one.

- MortuusAmor

keskiviikko 3. joulukuuta 2014


So many postcards. I mean I only received two but I have written 11 postcards today! But let's talk about the received ones first. The card in an envelope came from Netherlands and it was tiniest postcards I have ever received and it was also my first x-mas card this year. Other one came from Taiwan with cute love themed stamps on it.

Then the postcards I wrote and decorated today. Most of them are x-mas cards because it is already December. Suomi - Finland card goes to China, Love locks to Netherlands, painting by Kimmo Pälikkö will go to USA and the elf card to Ukraine.

The dog goes to Canada, elf with glitter beard is going to Belarus, reindeer card to Belgium and little kitten card to Taiwan.

"Sinunkin tähtesi..." (your star...) card is going to Poland, Christmas tree goes to United Kingdom and eld with birdie to Belarus.

- MortuusAmor

maanantai 1. joulukuuta 2014


The first of December! And this month begun with great postcards. Today I received four postcards: cute bat from USA, city view (Krakow) from Poland, post-apocalyptic looking "August" by Alex Andreev from Russia and spider card from Ukraine.

I also wrote cards new on weekend and they went to Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ukraine, Taiwan and Russia.

I also wrote two postcard today and I will mail all these tomorrow. These two are going to Netherlands and China.

- MortuusAmor