keskiviikko 3. joulukuuta 2014


So many postcards. I mean I only received two but I have written 11 postcards today! But let's talk about the received ones first. The card in an envelope came from Netherlands and it was tiniest postcards I have ever received and it was also my first x-mas card this year. Other one came from Taiwan with cute love themed stamps on it.

Then the postcards I wrote and decorated today. Most of them are x-mas cards because it is already December. Suomi - Finland card goes to China, Love locks to Netherlands, painting by Kimmo Pälikkö will go to USA and the elf card to Ukraine.

The dog goes to Canada, elf with glitter beard is going to Belarus, reindeer card to Belgium and little kitten card to Taiwan.

"Sinunkin tähtesi..." (your star...) card is going to Poland, Christmas tree goes to United Kingdom and eld with birdie to Belarus.

- MortuusAmor

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