torstai 20. marraskuuta 2014

My postcrossing arsenal

So I decided to show you how and where I keep my stuff for writing postcards. First I have this smaller box (in my favourite colours of course) where I have all the supplies from stamps to stickers and pens. Some time ago I had all my Postcrossing stuff in one big box but since I have bought a quite large postcard stock I can't fit them all in that anymore.

       Some tips for other postcrossers especially if you are a beginner in this hobby.

1. Highlight the ID code. I must say that sometimes the codes are so well hidden among the text it is really hard to find them. That is why I highly recommend somehow highlighting the ID code. For example I use the markers you can see in the picture below to overline the code so person who receives my card can easily find it.
2. Write the ID code twice on the card. I have received couple postcards that have been ripped and in the worst cases even a part of the card is missing. That is why it is much safer to write the ID twice in different corners of the card. But remember not to write it directly under the address to avoid confusion in the post offices.
3. Write the receiver's address very clearly. Easiest way is to print the address and just glue or tape it on the postcard. However some postcrossers want their cards to be fully handwritten. I write my cards all by hand but I write the address in capital letters especially when sending the card to Asia or Russia.

Then to postcards. I keep them all in the same kind of box as the supplies, though this one is bitter. In the picture you can see the labels I have made for every category. For example labels like foreign art, Finnish art, cards about Finland, wild animals, domestic animals, birds, plants, vintage, x-mas cards, black&white, famous characters and the list goes on... it is much easier to find what I am looking for this way. And as you can see the box is too full and about to explode.

- MortuusAmor

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