torstai 9. lokakuuta 2014

The Beginning

I have been writing two different blogs (lifestyle and collection) for over a year now and I decided to start a third one that will be all about postcards and Postcrossing. I have been part of Postcrossing since November 2012 and till today I have received 636 postcards and sent 637 postcards all around the world.
      The goal of this blog is to get new people into Postcrossing and showing you the cards I have received and sent to different cultures and countries. I will also show you cool stamps that come with cards and tell you which country the card came from and to where I sent mine. Maybe you can see your card here someday!

Some beautiful cards I received in 2013.
Here's a link to my Postcrossing profile, there you can see my wishlist of cards and some other information:

- MortuusAmor

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