tiistai 28. lokakuuta 2014


Oh, what a lovely mail day! I got five postcards and they were all from different countries. Let's start from the top - I totally fell in love with this lizard card! It came from Belarus and the sender Tanya had glued lovely wedding picture on the text side so this will surely be shown at our wedding next summer.
     Then the second card came from Finland, also with lovely poem on the text side. Third one is from the USA with a picture of Winchester Mystery House. Fourth one came from Turkey (this was my second card from Turkey in all my PC history) and it was hand-made in an envelope with funny SpongeBob stickers on it. Then the fifth one was a card with funny picture of a bride and it came from Germany.

I sent two cards today and these went to Malta (my first one to Malta, yay!) and Germany.

- MortuusAmor

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